Friday, June 20, 2014

MTV's The Challenge: Free Agents • Kicking Off The Finals

Battle of the Best Friends continues while we are one step closer to the final challenge. *This recap contains many spoilers.

Of course, Wrecking Wall is the name of the game. This means Cara Maria is at yet another disadvantage. Men take the leap first and out comes CT. I did not see that one coming...

Next up we have Cara Maria & Cara Maria's Sprained Fingers VS Laurel. No friendship, no feelings & time to eliminate. Of course, it's like taking candy from a baby for Laurel and she comes out on top. You made a good attempt, kid. 

Changing venues and off to the airport the challengers go. Chile it is and Yes, Bananas. There is a reason why you are right next to that volcano. Talk about a calm before a storm. After a day of settling into their new cabin, the players walk into the next & final challenge.. I mean, draw. 

The final elimination consists of Laurel & Theresa. On the male end of the stick, we get a good ol' Rivals rematch. Bananas & CT are the two I wanted to win. Bah! In the end Theresa & CT are sent packing. 

At the closing of the episode we get a taste of what's ahead & I'm intrigued. Be sure to check back next week for a Finals Recap & be sure to live tweet with me on Twitter! 

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