Thursday, April 17, 2014

Losing The Harper Avery, Dustin Zito & My Mind

Ah, yes. The list of blogs keeps on growing. This time let's keep it strictly television...

With my daily intake of television growing loads of drama with returns and departures, why not spread my loss of sanity? This month has a lot going on as far as reality drama. MTV's The Challenge is back for it's 25th season and we're going at it alone... but not quite. 

The ever so lovely TJ is at it again with the punches, and throws a big one. No teams, no exes, and no hooking up. Okay, those were all lies but... are all variables this time around. No one is safe and each week is different. 

SPOILER ALERT: D. Zito gets sent home this week and I am superbly upset. The kid isn't bad on the eyes and frankly, (no pun intended) we haven't seen much of him on The Challenges. 

Next, we have another set back in Plae Land. 

While I am extremely happy to see that Grey's Anatomy is far from over, one of my favorite characters is bidding adieu. Before this season returned, we all found out this was Oh's last runaround. I've been trying to prepare myself each and every week. As the finale approaches, I shed more and more tears and fears of how we will survive the series. 

Every great thing must come to an end, and it was no different with 007. I've made it this far and believe a box of tissues will make due. While the pain has yet to hit full force, I think we can make it. 

One thing that just adds to all of this bad news may be that Burke is making a return, and I'm not so sure I'll be alright with that. 

Do you watch either of these shows? What are your thoughts on the recent episodes? How do you plan to deal with next week? Comments and opinions are welcome below! 

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