Thursday, April 24, 2014

Decluttr: Make Room. Make Money.

I wanted to do something a bit differently this week and give you all some input on a website I've recently discovered. Over the years, movies and games have become more and more accessible to us. Forms have been simplified so that you're able to watch virtually any film and download a cornucopia of online games; eliminating the need for physical copies.

Decluttr is a place where you can sell and ship your unwanted DVDs, CDs, Blu-rays & Games absolutely free! Upon looking into this website, I wasn't sure if there was a catch. I had seen ads on their services before, but it was one of those websites that you're hesitant to trust. In this post I will be walking you through the process as well as my experience with the company. Everything included is my own and I am in no way affiliated with Decluttr.

I believe it is quite apparent that I am a movie buff. I love the idea of settling into a great story and almost removing reality for a period of time. However the case, I've certainly collected my fair share of DVDs that I wouldn't mind parting ways with.

Step 1: Sell My Stuff

•It's super easy to sign up with Decluttr & you are able to start your sale immediately. Simply enter the bar code on your goods and you get a price added to your packing list.
Note: Decluttr has a free app for iPhone and android devices. You are able to scan in bar codes easily and track your processing orders.

Let's talk prices. Generally you will see a $0.50 tag on single DVDs and anywhere from $1.00 to $30.00+ on games and DVD sets. Coming from someone who sells on different websites, (i.e. eBay) $0.50 for a DVD that is in good/working condition with all the fixings seems like no deal. (There are pros and cons to selling to Decluttr which I will be getting to along the way.)

In all honesty, it depends on what you're willing to bargain with. While you may be able to sell your unwanted items on other websites, Decluttr doesn't charge any sort of fees during your process. On the other hand, you could possibly sell your items for a much higher profit that covers the website's fees and gives you more bang for your buck. Decluttr is definitely a place for wholesale shipments, so it is easier to get rid of 50 old DVDs this way rather than listing individually.

Step 2: Ship My Stuff

•After you have scanned in all of your items, it's time to pack them all up. Again, selling is made easy with Decluttr's Starter Pack. They give you the option to either email your free shipping label(s) and packing slip, or mail them to you if you're unable to access a printer.
Note: In order to complete this step, you must be selling at least 10 items.

Let's talk scams. At the beginning of this post I explained my concern as I feel anyone would have with such an unpopular website. As far as giving out personal information, Decluttr really doesn't ask for much. You give your email and address in order to ship and receive your payment, and that is that. I will admit that I've entered fake details for websites I at first am unsure about. You do not want to do that with Decluttr. Whichever name and address you give the company, they will be putting on your check. If you do not place the correct info, you could be at risk of never being paid.

Step 3: Processing My Stuff

•After you have packaged your goods and send them off, it's out of your hands. I've sold to the business three times and each shipment takes about 20 days in total. While it may seem like a long wait, I am happy with the customer service along the way. Decluttr notifies you each step of the way letting you know when they receive your tracking info, receive your shipment(s), begin to process your shipment(s), have completed processing your shipment(s), and finally... when they start and send your check.

Let's talk Terms & Conditions. Yes, those words that almost everyone skips over. The only downfall I've had with Decluttr is that they are able to give you estimates. Basically, they can change how much money you get for your items after sending them off. The business goes through what they call a Quality Assessment Process. Of course, this isn't always a horrible thing. Anyone would want to look through products before they pay for them. For the most part, they give your items a quick once over to make sure there are no doubles or missing parts that would make re-selling difficult. On the other hand, I have once been quoted higher than I actually received. I was never notified on what exactly went wrong, but it wasn't too much of a gap. This is something to take note of before using Decluttr to sell.
Note: By selling to Decluttr, you give them the right to discard any items they see fit. No returns!

Finally, the part where you get paid!

•If you have made it this far, I appreciate you and hope this helps anyone who is curious about using Decluttr. As I've made note multiple times whether or not using this business is worth it, it depends on a few things. I could see myself doing more business with them down the road, but I wouldn't say I strongly agree with how they go about some things. This is a website that would need to be looked into before you set yourself on selling to them.

Customer Service ☆☆☆
Timing ☆☆
Pricing ☆☆☆
Would I Recommend ☆☆☆
Overall ☆☆☆☆

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