Friday, April 25, 2014

Pickup Trucks & Champagne Rings

It is that time of the week. Here I am once again breaking down my TV schedule for y'all and throwing in a spoiler or two. 

This week on Grey's Anatomy we dealt with backlash. We find out the true reason behind many, many things.

Can I just say, I wish Karev was Calzona's donor? I mean, it's not like they haven't slept together... Anyway, yes! Babies are on the way in Seattle and there's more going on than anyone expected. 

At the beginning of the week, I read into a poorly advertised Spoiler Alert; Someone is pregnant and it's not who you think! I was boggled and kept trying to figure out who it may be. With Amelia Shepard's return, I assumed sissy was expecting. Let's just say... NOPE! Lots of nope. That is a complete nope! 

Also, Burke is back.. coming back. I've gotten over the realization of 007 never coming back and the teaser for next week is kind of making me okay with Burke's 'return'. 

Moving on to a more realistic reality, Free Agents throws in more punches. If you tuned in last week & have not yet caught this week... Turn. Back. Now.

I was quite confused when Teej announced house problems before a cut scene and equally satisfied when he sent Frank packing. 

Sure, his health should be more of a concern over money, (not to start any political debates) but making the kid sound as he was an infected flesh-eater before kicking him out wasn't the best way to go about things... in my opinion. 

It's reality television, a place where we secretly want to see these people suffer over money. Come on! I don't even like Frank, but if he chose to stay... put him in a quarantine for all I care. 

At any cost, he went home and left Jasmine's team to make a dumb and simple decision.

Let me know what you guys thought of this weeks lineup & any opinions on these episodes. I may bring in Hell's Kitchen next week if y'all sound interested. 

✌️ Later! 

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