Thursday, May 15, 2014

Cristina Yang Learns Dutch

Thursday was the night. Cristina has taken the next step in her career and left Grey Sloan Memorial. 

There were many tears shed during the season finale, as well as on my bed. I've known that this was coming yet I still had a glimmer of hope that everyone had been kidding. A seemingly reluctant Cristina left & returned during the hour long finale and I was never sure if she would return. 

There was so much going on with an explosion and departures and I am just so happy Oh's character didn't get killed off. I really hope; like Burke, we see more from Cristina in the future, no matter how far down the road that may be.

Overall, it was a sad and very conclusive finale and while I am heartbroken, I know there is so much more to come. Be sure to let me know your thoughts on Cristina's final season below, or head over to my home page for all social links. 

Spoiler Alert** 
You didn't think I'd let this slide... Did you? PLOT TWIST! I only hope she has better luck with planes. Too soon? 

I'm still super proud of this...

We start this weeks Challenge off by finding out that Theresa; or as I like to call her "Sarah Palin", is a wimp. Who knew... 

This week on Free Agents, we play Spelling Bee... Sorry, I mean Smarty Pants. This has become a seasonal trivia and this week, we are truly playing as free agents.

I can honestly say, these people are dumb. The only question that made me second guess myself was the Treasure/Body comparison. I totally thought it was booty! 

As nice as it was seeing Brad at the after show, I am happy to discover my newest joke. Australians totally speak Dutch, Bananas.

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