Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Rosemary's Baby • Night 1

NBC took their turn at creating a new-age concept behind old horror films with their vision of Rosemary's Baby. 

The first of two parts aired rightfully on Mother's Day and I just finished watching. I am going to attempt doing without too many spoilers, but chances are one or two will be uncovered in this post. 

Without spoiling anything, the entire concept behind this olive branch comes from the well known movie. Let me quickly point out some givens in case you're unfamiliar. The leading lady is going to be named Rosemary, there is going to be some sort of pregnancy & there will be plenty of devil speak. 

The series dove right into our disturbing prologue which we later learn will vein through the entire series. After being introduced to a couple struggling through heartache, we jump three months to the husband and wife starting anew in our setting of Paris. 

Things begin going downhill at climbing speeds and the entire scenario made me feel quite uncomfortable. As they start their new lives, they quickly make friends with a very odd couple. With the show only having two parts, the writers took turns very abruptly and in a million different directions. This is where we truly bring in the thought of satanic acts and molding the story to it's rooted darkness. 

Rosemary & Guys' new friends begin helping them start fresh with quite lavish gifts, lending them their apartment and even witch-doctoring their way into their next attempt at having a child. Nothing about this new life sits right with me and it really left me at a loss for words. 

In the last half hour things start going down and the audience is handed some loose ends that I'm sure will be tied come next week. We end with the assumption that a baby has been conceived, and I'm equally excited and off put about the conclusion. 

Part two airs on Thursday, May 15 on NBC. Previews, local show times and more can be found at www.nbc.com. Be sure to let me know your thoughts on the show down below, or head over to my homepage for all social links! 

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