Friday, May 23, 2014

Rosemary's Baby • Night 2

As Guy finds success, Rosemary's heath declines
during the course of her pregnancy; Roman and Margaux take a peculiar interest in the couple. Please be aware that the following recap contains spoilers.

We begin our closing journey by the lovely couple awaking to mysterious scratch marks. So, not too creepy to start off the conclusion. I mean, who hasn't had at least one of those nights?

After we figure out that there is a bun in the oven, we move pretty quickly to the second trimester. After some pretty freaky symptoms of losing weight, craving animal organs and what I can only notice to be "cross wincing," we figure out that baby seems strong. 

Entering the second trimester, we learn a little bit of back story between Guy and Rosemary's late friend. After an unrelated baby heartache, we see the little one kicking and next comes the final trimester.

It's a boy! While the expecting parents seem to be putting any worries or bad omens behind them, we kick back to the very first scene in this two part event. What we've known since point A, Rosemary finally discovers and is warned her pregnancy could have severe consequences beyond her past issues.

The seemingly sweet couple who have befriended Guy & Rosemary put a seriously peculiar twist on the closing of the television event. As Rosemary stumbles upon witchcraft novels & unravels a stable truth via Google, Guy begins to seem quite distant and shows signs of non-belief; as any husband in this situation would.

After two very eerie deaths, Rosemary begins panicking one week before baby is due. The entire show movies quite quickly but does the same with catching you up. The rest... is for your eyes only. 

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