Friday, May 30, 2014

Nany, Go Lucky.

We start this challenge off with a bang. Damn you, Nany & your "Don't hurt me, but I'll hurt you."

In all seriousness, that was messed up... but so was Zach's view on this weeks Challenge. On one hand, he has a point. I  seriously didn't think this looked to be such a difficult task. Count of hands; who thought CT would let his team down? Now, take that hand and smack yourself as you lower it. I thought you had more sense, I say as I smack myself. 

After (spoiler alert) CT's team wins, I'm extremely focused on putting my hopes and dreams into Nany having to choose between Cohutta & Johnny come Elimination. Bitch, you be trippin' to give that nice southern man up & deserve some painful karma. 

I've got to admit, there are quite a few people left in this ‘final stretch’ that I didn't see making it half way through the challenge. All eyes turn back to Theresa; or as I like to say Sarah Palin, when it comes down to elimination picks. Wrong again, it's Anessa. 

Unanimously chosen, Preston is finally picked first for a situation... following Anessa being thrown in as well. I am now leaning towards Theresa pulling a kill card and getting elimina-- Cohutta, don't make nice with her! She didn't just kiss Johnn--... Never mind. Let's get into the elimination round.

At this point, I'm really upset with fate and I don't know who I want to win.. Males or Females. Bleh. 

What were your thoughts about this weeks episode? Let me know below or tweet me @aerup. See you next week

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