Friday, June 6, 2014

This Is Bananas! The Challenge: Free Agents Recap

He comes the hard part. This week on Free Agents...

We are greeted with possibly the best opening thus far. Cohutta meets the Naked Palette. At least, I think that was the Naked Palette. Either way, there was plenty of makeovers and girl talk in the past two weeks. Let's get down to business. 

This is possibly the most anticipated & advertised challenge this season. We finally revealed the plastered scene of an underground collision course. I can't put my finger on the details, but I feel like The Challenge world has seen this before. 

Spoiler Alert; CT went into this with the perfect explanation. ‘Kill all. Ask questions later.’ Not that it's a stretch from what he normally thinks about. With the perfect mindset, CT & Zach won along with Nany & Theresa.

Putting Nany in a tough position, the 3 remaining winners chose to vote Cohutta in; resulting in the loss of tv's finest southern challenger. 

I'm pretty sure you can guess the female who pulled the Kill Card; and Cara took that anger with a side of win... and possibly a ticket home after injuring her finger. 

Though she has been through the ringer a handful of times, earning another stripe could be her fallout this week. MTV pulls a fast one on us and will; of course, keep us guessing until next week. 

'Til next time... 

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